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313 - three hundred thirteen

It is an odd number.
It is a palindrome.
It is the 65th prime number.
It is not a mersenne prime number.
It is not a fermat number.
It is not a perfect number.

It is not a triangle number.
It is not a square number.
It is not a cube number.

It is not a factorial number.

It it has no factors except itself and 1.

Characters used to assign values for the digits 0 to 63

Base 2 (Binary):1 0011 1001
Base 3 (Ternary):102121
Base 4 (Quaternary):1 0321
Base 5 (Quintal):2223
Base 8 (Octal):471
Base 10 (Denary):313
Base 16 (Hexadecimal):139
Base 32:9P
Base 64:4v

Roman Numerals:CCCXIII
Egyptian Numerals:300103
Chinese Numerals:叄佰壹拾叄
Babylonian Numerals:5   13  

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